Pink Baby Doll Dress

Pattern: Self drafted pattern
Description: A cute baby doll dress with full pleated skirt.
Fabric used: Wool challis

I haven’t worn this dress in like ten years but I really wanted to take a photo of it because it was one of the first dresses that I got my mum to help me make. Admittedly, she did make most of it but it was one of the main reasons why I wanted to learn how to sew.

I would love to revamp it a bit now and take off the big buttons (which was actually in at the time hehe) and replace them with either no buttons or something a bit smaller. I absolutely love the white piping in it though, it makes it a very cute baby doll looking dress.


I still remember being eighteen, wearing this out and my friends being in awe that it was handmade. I think that’s one of the coolest things about being creative and designing, making and wearing all your own clothes. Even if it’s not that great, who cares! I think you should be proud of what you learn, the skills you pick up and being confident in having a go, no matter what the outcome.

It’s been about six years now when I sat down at a sewing machine and started off with a simple skirt pattern thinking, “I’m never going to be able to understand all these crazy patterns and instructions!” Sure enough, the more you create, the more you learn. It takes time, like any new skill and it’s one of those hobbies that’s both relaxing and extremely rewarding. Especially once you’ve finished your new outfit and ready to wear the next day. These days I usually put on a movie with my pugs sitting under my feet (sometimes on the pedals lol) to create my next project.


Now that I’m confident in sewing and being able to tackle most projects, I decided that I’d love to learn my dad’s hobby (since sewing is very much my mums). So when he retires maybe some time this year, he’s going to teach me the basics of woodworking! Mostly because I live on my own I would absolutely love to create a few really key pieces of furniture. I’ve already picked out a nice little outdoor set that I want to make first, which will cost me less than $100!

Morris Chair –

I think it’s really cool when you have a creative mind that there’s so many things you would love to learn, even trying to figure it out yourself. I chop and change between painting, photography, sewing, embroidery, reading, cooking and hopefully soon enough… woodworking! 🙂

Seeing other people’s blogs it’s pretty obvious that there are a lot of us out there, who just can’t stick to one hobby!


2 thoughts on “Pink Baby Doll Dress

  1. I know this is ages ago but I love it as it is. It is so gorgeous on you and I love the colour. I didn’t know you had a new blog but I just found it off Colette’s. So glad as I had wondered where you got to.


    • Hello lovely, thank you you so much. Really appreciate your kind words and so glad that you found my blog. I’m excited to see all your new creations as well! Ill add a link to you so I can keep up xx


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