15034483_1150705298358673_2604234616562778112_nHi! My name is Erin. I live in the beautiful Sunshine State – Queensland, Australia and have been sewing for a few years now. In the past I’ve made mostly dresses, shirts and some skirts (the basics really) so I would call myself an intermediate sewer. There are still so many skills and techniques I would love to learn and more advanced projects I’d love to tackle (hopefully this year!).

If you follow my blog I hope to provide you with ideas and inspiration on patterns, list my success or failures, post ideas for future projects and like always, you can be sure if I like a pattern I’ll create it a number of times!

PuggiesI’ve been pretty busy with my friends, family, my pugs and travelling, so apologies for not getting many posts up. Hopefully this year I can finally documents all my creations, as I’m super excited to get back into sewing. I’ve already actually started to expand my projects, pushing myself to tackle ones I wouldn’t normally do. However, it certainly helped working for a sewing and embroidery company with skilled experts who were able to show me some really valuable skills.

So welcome to my blog! I hope you find it helpful if you’re learning to sew or simply looking for your next project! Also, feel free to comment or ask me anything at all! I love hearing from you.

Erin xx


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