BurdaStyle Button Up Shirts

Description: This chic button-up blouse can be cut short to wear with a skirt or pants or made long to be worn with leggings. It features dramatic cuffs and darts for a flattering silhouette.
Material: 100% cotton material
Pattern: BurdaStyle Button Up Tunic

I’ve been slowly growing my work wardrobe but I don’t think you can ever have enough work shirts for a bit of variety. Therefore, when I recently got a new job working back in the corporate environment, I decided to make some fun, flattering work shirts.

Burda-Work-Shirt-01Gotta love my little pug baby – star of the show

I originally cut out a Vogue shirt pattern that I had made previously with sheer, see-through fabric, however it was a bit too big to use with 100% cotton material. So I opted for a more fitted style shirt by BurdaStyle, which included vertical side pleats on the front and back.


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My Sewing Archive

It’s crazy to think I’ve been sewing now for a little over five years. I first started my old blog back in 2012 and that was to showcase learning how to sew, discovering new patterns, testing and trialling different fabrics and making heaps of mistakes! However, without going through that process I never would have been able to learn what fabric types I liked the most and what pattern styles suited my body shape. I was also able to learn the basics of sewing including how to cut a pattern, how to following instructions, how to use my machine and importantly, how to modify patterns to suit my own figure. Even though I still make mistakes, I’m more confident in my pattern and fabric choice to be able to create outfits that I’m proud of wearing.


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$5 Kmart Tee – Refashion

I needed some new singlets for summer but after heading to Spotlight I realised that the cotton jersey material was edging on about $11 per meter. Once you cut it up and created a singlet you barely had enough material left over to create anything else.

My first test shirt was the pink and navy one below using a soft cotton jersey material from Spotlight. However, after shopping around at Kmart I came across this $5 men’s plain shirt, made from a really good quality, soft material. If you purchased a 2XL – 3XL shirt for only $5 you can cut out a singlet, plus create a headband from the left over sleeve material.


Singlet Designs

I ended up tracing a pattern from a singlet that I already owned and loved but I’m sure you could find a simple singlet pattern online or from any of the major sewing brands. Then all I had to do was purchase a meter of ribbing for the neckline.

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